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Hello people ! You have here this 2004 edition of Crown Cap Stats !! With 85 people joined (only 1 more than last year ), from 17 countries, they all toghether join the quantity of 2.420.880 caps and if we count the first collector of every country there are as less 233.000 different caps.

The stats are displayed in columns, changing the system of other years that where by rows. You can see diferent colours that specifies if collectors collect Factory Signs, beers, ... (look the 4th page to understand all).

About the beer stats, I recived 31 beer stats, so I consider it too much low number to make a top 10 or top 15 stats because the work will not compense the effort, so I didn't do them but I put all the info about the countries of every beer collector so you can do the stats by yourself . (I didn't do the job but I give you an alternative).

Thx last to all country partners that searched people to join the stats, some with more lucky than others, but all of them did what they could do.

You can download the stats here:

See you next year

Alex Monton - Drogui

P.d: People that joined the stats will recive an email with a more complete info about other collectors that also joined to them.






Hello, I am Alex Monton a crowncap collector from Spain, and I want to talk you about "Crown Caps Stats 2004". The "Crown Caps Stats" are a world list that begins to do "Davide Mascherini" in the year 2002, the last edition of 2003 grouped the stats of 84 collectors from over the world.
This year he couldn't do it so I am doing them.

This stats consist in collect the number of caps that collectors have of all the countries. Then country by country we classify which 15 collectors have more caps. Finally, we put them all in an excel file with all the countries. For example you can look which is the collector that have more french caps, italian, dutch, egypcian, etc..

This year there are two more things. First of all I am going to add an "only beer collectors" list. This is going to be usefull this big group of collectors that only collect beer caps, but "all kind caps" collectors can also join this list if they can know how much beers they have. The second thing is that I am going to upload on the net the full stats of all the collectors, so you can see the stats of everybody that joins this list and know how much caps of each country they have and then trade with all of them.

At the end you will find the excel file that you have to fill and return to me before 31st of January and then in February I will upload the 3 excel files.

If you have a small collection don't worry, fill the form, a lot of people will see your stats. Also it is a good method to have a control of your caps year by year and to see how fast is your collection growing :) .

If you know other collectors, feel free to send them the form, this year more people is helping to distribute it by his countries because we want to do a really big stats.

That's all, thanks for reading :) .

Alex Monton

Pd: If you fill the form, pls insert your name and your country in the name of the file and inside the file.

THE CROWNCAP STATS 2004 Excel file